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How to Use Content Marketing to Win over Anyone

Getting people to listen to you is one thing. Getting them to take action is a whole different piece of the pie.

Motivating a lead to take action or to make a purchase is not typically something that happens at the drop of a hack. You must nurture your clients and figure out what exactly gets them excited to hit the “buy now” or “sign up” button.

One of the best ways I have found to connect with an audience is to realize they are human. We all have innate desires and needs that are driven by pretty primal emotions. When you strip away the fancy cars, the comfy sweaters and the college degrees you are left with emotional beings trying to survive in this wild world.

What are the main things needed to survive?

Once upon a time, the answer would have been to hide from tigers and bears and knowing which berries weren’t poisonous. But today, for most consumers the primary needs for survival revolves around acceptance by others.

Start by looking at what the primary needs are for your target audience’s survival. Ask yourself, “What do they need most?” and “What fears do they have?” From here, takes these fundamental values and feed them into your content to truly connect.

Here are two primary drivers that can be used to create content that converts anyone into a loyal customer.

Create a sense of urgency.

Time is something we all want more of. Time is something we celebrate through anniversaries of lasting duration or speed to complete something. Time is one of the only things that is a defined constant throughout varying cultures.

Use this human value to your advantage when it comes to generating powerful content.

It is one thing when you tell your significant other guests are coming over for dinner and drinks. It’s another thing when the doorbell rings and it’s time to welcome in the party.

I always think of the opening scene of The Break Up when Vince Van is playing video games and didn’t get the lemons Jennifer Aniston needed. The doorbell rings and suddenly, there is no time left to get the right amount of lemons.

You want your customers to get all the lemons they could ever need, and do it just in time.

In your content use time-sensitive language to communicate the true urgency that lies behind the promotion or offer:

Act Now! Sale Ends Friday, February 1st.

The first 100 customers to sign up get a special bonus gift!

Order within the next 24 hours to get 15% off your entire first purchase.

Offer safety.

Staying alive is the purest form of human need. The best way to stay alive is to be safe. We all want to feel safe in our lives at all times and ultimately every decision we make comes from a place of perceived safety.

In your content, use the feeling of safety to generate purpose in your product or service. Instead of using fear-based marketing to generate sales, look to empowered marketing to offer not only the feeling of safety but also an improved life.

Two of the easiest ways to create safety in your content are through guaranteed satisfaction and confirmed safety through numbers.

1. Guaranteed satisfaction.

When a customer knows they have a satisfaction guarantee there is a sense of safety that if the purchase doesn’t work out, it can be returned.

If you aren’t satisfied with the purchase, we offer a no-questions-asked return policy up to 30 days after the purchase.

This shows that you trust your product so much, that you believe they won’t want to return it. It puts the thought, “there is no harm in trying this, if I don’t like it,” into your customers mind. And chances are, if you have created something great, they won’t even think twice about returning it once it is bought.

2. Assurance in numbers.

Most people admire the movie stars that step out of the box and stand alone. But at the end of the day, no one wants to be a lone wolf blazing their own path. They want purchases that are a safe guarantee to work. Why else do we have rating sites and reviews — to know what everyone else thinks first.

When possible, incorporate sales figures and data into your marketing content.

The most popular face wash among celebrity stars!

The most trusted nutrition plan for mom’s post-pregnancy.

The #1 podcast in the mindset space, downloaded over 1 million times.

These statements showcase the power each product has, who is buying it and even numbers to back it up.

In order to make your content capture the audience you want and become loyal advocates speak to their most genuine and authentic emotions and ideals- time and safety.

The better you understand people, the better you will be able to sell directly to them.

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